welcome coaching clients

Aim Coaching now offers you the convenience of scheduling and paying for your sessions online. I hope you find the experience easy and enjoyable. Should you run into any questions or challenges, please don’t hesitate to email me.

For first time clients, after your first time booking your appointment online, your information and credit card will be securely stored for future appointments. 

Please review the CONSENT FOR SERVICES below, then click the BOOK NOW button to schedule. I look forward to connecting with you. 

CONSENT FOR SERVICES:  Transition Coach / Mentor / Consultant

By booking online, I acknowledge that Andrew Merrell (herein “coach”) and I have discussed the risks, benefits, purposes, and alternatives of “coaching”. Coaching is not psychotherapy, and is implemented in conjunction with primary individual therapy (and/or family therapy), and is not a replacement for ongoing therapy. Collaboratively with coaching client, coach will generate specific short term goals related to client’s current trajectory, with emphasis on client’s work in individual therapy independent from transition coaching. Coaching is a short term augmentation to psychotherapy, with a specific duration outlined within the first two sessions of coaching with client’s consent.

I certify that I consent to receive coaching from Andrew Merrell. I understand that I may voluntarily discontinue coaching at any time, but outstanding fee balances will remain due and collectable.  Also, coach reserves the right to terminate transition coaching at any time, for any reason. If this occurs, transition coach will make reasonable efforts to refer me to another provider. 

Fee for service is commensurate with duration of session or tele-session, at $125 for per increment of 25 minutes. Exclusive full-day or half-day booking (inclusive of travel) is available upon request. Travel time is pro-rated for visitation sessions.

I acknowledge that we have discussed the limits of confidentiality according to the laws of the State of California, including such conditions as being in danger of serious harm to myself or serious harm to others, when issues of child, elder, or dependent adult abuse are involved, when required in the event of legal proceedings (such as subpoenas), or in certain client safety emergency situations.  I realize that any communications via cell phone, email, Skype, etc., may lack full confidentiality due to technical limitations. I acknowledge that I have also been verbally instructed by the coach about these aspects of confidentiality, the limits of confidentiality related to the aforementioned circumstances, and affirm them.

I acknowledge that emergency services are not always available, and coach is not available on an on-call basis unless otherwise discussed in advance in mutually affirmed situations between myself and my transition coach.  Voicemail messages and/or emails left for transition coach will be returned as promptly as possible, but for any emergencies, I must call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest hospital Emergency Room. 

I acknowledge that the cancellation policy for appointments requires 36 hours notice, or the full session fee will be assessed.

I acknowledge that coach has disclosed his function, policies and procedures specific to the services being tendered of coaching. I understand and accept that our work together does not constitute psychotherapy, that while coach is currently a registered MFTI (Marriage and Family Therapist Intern), that his function within this capacity as coach is finite (short term), specific to mutually identified goals over the short term duration of coaching, and does not mandate consultation with past/present/future mental health providers of the client. I further acknowledge that we verbally discussed these circumstances multiple times for the sake of clarity.

I acknowledge that full payment for services is due within 10 days of receipt of invoice, unless other arrangements are arranged. I acknowledge that my fiscal arrangement with transition coach does not include insurance, and that I am required to pay by cash, check or other digital transaction for coaching services rendered upon receipt of invoice.

I acknowledge that my questions regarding this Consent Form have been answered thoroughly.