Because the bullseye of perfection is a myth. Because often how we do one thing is how we do everything.  Because how we show up for ourselves, for others and for our objectives directly informs our outcomes.   Aim is about harnessing our strengths and our weaknesses, and moving with meaning toward our goals. Aim takes practice, patience, insight, willingness, bravery and commitment. It also takes the right tools.  


As we take aim in our lives, we consciously and unconsciously make innumerable calculations, shifts and adaptations in order to bob-and-weave through the obstacle course of life. Sometimes our aim is off and we need to recalibrate. That's when we seek to increase our ability to counter-act our internal and external conflicts in order to propel forward, unencumbered.

The meaningfulness of how we face each day, approach a relationship or accept a new challenge is determined by a series of efforts and intentions.


Aim is not just about a target. It's also about the method, the intention and the desire. What can we do differently - to slightly shift our aim - to be more precise about achieving what we really want? Why are we so convinced that that dead center is our only definitive success? 


When we approach something in our lives, success or failure is often measured by how close we are to the illusion of perfection. Perfection is an impossibility. Progress and perspective are, however, advantages that we all have the ability to hone. Understanding, accepting and harnessing imperfections is the foundation of one of the concepts of aim.

How might you make adjustments to your mind, body, psyche or soul to get more deeply attuned with yourself? How will these new alignments move you closer to your ultimate goals?  These are questions we will ask together as we embark on your transformative journey together.

Founder, Aim Psychotherapy

Andrew Merrell LMFT #102724 is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, 90212 specializing in men's issues and male identity.